Financial Aid and Scholarships

Archdiocese of Detroit


January, 2017

Dear Parents:

The Archdiocese of Detroit has contracted with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to conduct the financial need analysis for the schools in the Archdiocese for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. As a result of the Stewards for Tomorrow Campaign and the establishment of the Archdiocesan Endowment, the Archdiocese of Detroit is able to offer this opportunity to many of the families in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Families who are eligible to apply for the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance through this process must complete an application online and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by April 7, 2018.

Parent Information Letter and Pastor’s Signature Sheet:

It is important that you read the Parent Information Letter which will answer frequently asked questions, as well as download the Pastor’s Signature form that must be signed by your pastor indicating that you are an active parishioner in your parish. The following documents can be found on the Archdiocese of Detroit website and/or the school’s website. Both of these documents are available by clicking on the attached link.

Once an online application has been completed, the following information will need to be sent to FACTS to complete the application process.

  • Copies of your most recent Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules
  • Copies of your most recent W-2 forms for both you and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.
  • Pastor’s Signature Form. This form is only required if you are applying for the Archdiocese Tuition Grant and not for any other school or parish related scholarships.

All supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format online. It is recommended that once the application is completed online, additional documentation is uploaded or faxed or mailed at one time to prevent missing documents. Documentation can also be faxed to (866) 315-9264 or mailed to the address below. Please be sure to include the applicant ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
P.O. Box 82524
Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

If you have questions or concerns about the application process or how to complete the application, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at (866) 441-4637. For general information, you may call Angela Naylor at (313) 237-5775.


Angela R. Naylor, Tuition Assistance Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of the Stewards for Tomorrow Campaign and the establishment of the Archdiocesan Endowment, the Archdiocese of Detroit extends tuition assistance grants to Catholic families with children in grades K-12 attending Catholic Schools.

Note: All awards are based on the calculated financial need which is established by the financial documentation that each applicant is requested to submit, as well as employment, number of children and ability to pay. These are the primary factors used to determine need. This year, the award amounts will fall into one of the following tiers:

  • Tier I – $1100.00
  • Tier II: $ 950.00
  • Tier III: $ 800.00

This new process allows for greater assistance based on need. It’s imperative that you have the application and all supporting documents in by the deadline date of April 7, 2018.

Financial need must be demonstrated. FACTS Student Grant & Aid Form must be completed by each family applying, and submitted through an on-line application process. Receiving an award in previous years does not guarantee an award for the current year.

Applications can only be completed online. The FACTS Student Grant & Aid link is located HERE. It will also be available on the Archdiocesan website by going HERE. Look for the FACTS Grant & Aid link. There is a $24.00 on-line application fee. Please follow the payment instructions indicated on the application.

Yes, the pastor’s signature form is mandatory. The Pastor Signature Form is also available on line and must be uploaded with the application as verification that the family is an active parishioner at his/her parish. The pastor or associate pastor will be required to sign the application for all applicants who applied from his parish. A name stamp may be used as well. If the pastor does not verify that you are an active parishioner by his signature/stamped signature, your application cannot be processed under the requirement of the Archdiocese Grant guidelines. You can find the form HERE

Yes, some schools have independent contracts with FACTS. Independent school contracts may have different guidelines, deadlines, and required fees to qualify. Check with your school for details. Schools that have contract with FACTS for services may already have the FACTS application on its website. Schools who are not using FACTS services will receive the application link and all supporting documents in order to complete the application process. It is important to note that although some may have the application available before others; it does not influence the order of awarding grants.

On or before Jan. 30

Application link available at the school.

April 7

DEADLINE for on-line applications

On or before May 30

Award Status Notification will be sent to applicant’s email. If you
do not have an email, you do not need to call the office, another
source of notification will be used.

September 15

Schools will receive a Tuition Assistance Grant report to complete
and return to the Office of Catholic Schools for processing checks
and making sure all information is valid.

  • Complete only one application per family regardless of the number of school children or where they attend school. Please make sure all eligible student names are included on the application. You may use an additional sheet if needed.
  • More than one child in a family may receive a grant.
  • FACTS Management is the sole evaluator for the Student Aid Form process.
  • The receipt of other financial assistance such as parish, vicariate or Catholic school scholarships/grants, does not exclude the awarding of an Archdiocesan grant.
  • All Catholic families in the Archdiocese of Detroit are eligible for the grant providing the child(ren) meet the above criteria and are enrolled in a Catholic school for the current school year.
  • Families who submit their applications late may encounter the risk of not having their child’s name listed on the school report and not having the opportunity to be considered for the grant.
  • Applications that are late must have authorization by the Archdiocese before the application can be processed.

The official title of the tuition grant is “Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Grant”. Private School Aid Services (PSAS) is officially closed. FACTS Management is the new third party contractor that processes the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Grant applications. Questions regarding the filling out and completion of the on-line application should be directed to FACTS Management at (866) 441-4637. General questions regarding the Tuition Assistance process can be answered, in some cases, by calling the recorded voice message at (313) 237-5767. If you wish to speak with the Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Coordinator, please call Angela R. Naylor at (313) 237-5775.


Due to the volume of calls during this time, we request that all inquiries be emailed to If you are not able to email, please allow up to 24 hours to have your call returned.