Dress Code


  1. Shirt/Blouse
  2. Polo
  3. Turtleneck
  4. Sweater
  5. St Edward Sweat Shirt
  • Color: White or Navy Blue
  • Collared shirts or turtleneck must be worn under sweater/sweat shirt
  • All shirts must be tucked in


  1. Pants
  2. Slacks
  3. Corduroys
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Full length
  • Belt (optional) Solid Color: Black. Blue, or Brown


  1. Pull-over
  2. Knitted button down
  3. Vest style
  • Color: Solid Navy Blue
  • No monograms
  • Must end above the hip line



  1. Navy blue
  2. White
  3. Grey
  • Must always be worn
  • Must be worn under pants
  • NO low cut athletic socks
  • Leggings may be worn under jumpers/skirts only
  • Leggings must follow same colors



  • Single chain necklace


  • Small, single necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Pierced earrings
  • Earrings must be small, appropriate, and not dangling


Dress Shoes:

  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Brown

Tennis Shoes (Gym)

  • No light ups
  • Dress shoes are required
  • Tennis shoes needed for gym and indoor recess
  • Tennis shoes can be left at school in classroom


Shorts my be worn:

  • August
  • September
  • May
  • June
  • Must be fingertip length


  • Sweat pants
  • Sweat Shirt
  • T-Shirt
  • Our logo wear

Plain/solid Navy Blue


  1. Students are always to try to be neat, clean and appropriately attired as well as modestly dressed.
  2. Socks or tights must always be worn.
  3. If a sweater is worn over a blouse or shirt, the collar must be visible.
  4. No extreme hairstyles or colors will be allowed. There should be no long hair on boys. Boys’ hair should not exceed collar length, mid forehead or be below ears. Hairstyles should be neat. If you are unsure of what will be acceptable, please check with the principal before getting a haircut.
  5. A “Free Dress Day” will be held on the last school day of each month. On this day, students may wear appropriate clothes of their choice. Spandex shorts, midriff tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, or spaghetti strap tops are not acceptable. No items of clothing will make reference to drugs, alcohol or other unacceptable behaviors.
  6. No make-up, fingernail polish, or tattoos at any time.
  7. No hats indoors.


If a student comes to school improperly dressed, the following will occur:

  • First offense – Receive a warning
  • Second Offense – Lose free dress for the month*
  • Third Offense – Contact parents**

*Students will receive only one warning during the entire year. The rules for second and third offenses would apply to each month after the warning is received.

**If a student would not comply with the loss of free dress for an offense, parents will be contacted.