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St Edward on the Lake

We want children to learn, to lead and to make a difference



What Makes St. Edward on-the-Lake Unique:

Located on 22 beautiful acres for students, faculty, staff and families to enjoy and utilize…

Adjacent to Lakeport State Park for study of habitat and God’s creation…

Butterfly garden; teacher and student inspired, created and tended to…

Lakefront property across the street, allows us to bus students, teachers and parent volunteers to the beach for “beach day”, where learning takes place in the fresh air right near the beach…

Serene and tranquil Stations of the Cross trail, where reflection and prayer are encouraged for all…

Alumni hold dignified positions which include but are not limited to, the class of 2009 Cros-Lex High School Valedictorians, NCAA Scholarship Athlete Earners…

What Our Christ-Centered Environment Promotes:

Faith Formation-Students know, love and want to serve Jesus…

Academic Excellence- High Iowa Test scores, Common Core based curriculum of rigor and relevance, well balanced literacy and faith formation integrated throughout core-curriculum, overall outstanding differentiated best practice in curriculum, assessment and instruction…

Personal Development- After school activities, specials…

Family Atmosphere- We truly are one family, one body in Christ…

Mission Statement & Philosophy


We, at St. Edward on-the-Lake School, work together with our families and community to create a Christ-centered environment which promotes Catholic faith, academic excellence, and personal development.

Our students will have the opportunity to become confident, independent thinkers, and life-long learners who are responsible to God, to themselves and to society.

We, the Port Huron Vicariate Catholic Schools, believe that our schools exist to continue the educational ministry of the church by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to our students and by helping them integrate faith, life and culture.

We believe that each child is a gift from God endowed with unique and special talents. Therefore, we believe that we should provide a holistic education which helps each child develop intellectually, aesthetically, socially, physically, emotionally, and above all spiritually; thus, enabling them to reach their full potential in all the gifts God has given them.

We believe we provide a Christ-centered environment that builds caring and responsible individuals for membership in church and our global society.

We believe that our Christ-modeled education should develop respect for self, for others, for all God’s creation, and teach our children to act with peace and justice towards others.

We believe that we must strive to work closely with parents, the primary educators, in their vocation of nurturing the faith and growth of their child(ren); that it will be through this cooperative effort that we will attain the missions of our schools.

Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our wonderful school. Here at St. Ed’s we view and value each child as a unique individual created by God. We will make sure your child works to become a life-long learner and give all students a safe environment in which to learn and grow academically, creatively, and spiritually.
Our curriculum is the National Common Core Standards. Because we keep our class sizes small (sixteen students or less) our staff is able to individualize the curriculum to meet the needs and abilities of all our sudents. All our teachers are certified through the state of Michigan.
Our school is located in Lakeport. We have a large play area and have safe access for supervised nature walks through the woods and to the beach.

Blessings to All,
Nancy Appel


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