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Preschool Program for Three & Four Year Old Children


St. Edward preschool has been established for children. A child is a gift from God to you and to the world. Christ said: "Let the children come to me, for their's is the kingdom of Heaven." (Luke 18:16) To you, we say with His words: Let the children come to us while you are working. When your child returns to you, we hope he or she will be more loved, more loving, and happier every day.

Offered in support of this concept, our preschool services are not limited by religious belief, nationality, race or economic status.

We want to provide the atmosphere, time, space, and materials for carefree, joyful play, which we believe is the basis for all developing skills in a child.  We want to help your child to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically by providing an environment that will stimulate and create interests.  We want to encourage and give ample opportunity to explore the mystery of God's creation through nature and other materials helping your child to be at home in this world.

The school will offer ample opportunity for your child to grow in openness to trust and in concern for those around him or her.  For the total well-being of your child, we look forward to a good relationship between you, the parent, and our staff in the preschool.


Our preschool incorporates an educational program geared to the child’s developmental needs. The teacher carefully plans and coordinates a balanced, flexible curriculum offering experiences in language arts, math, science, music, creative arts, plus ample opportunity to develop large and small motor skills.

You are welcome to visit and observe our program. We do, however, ask that you schedule your visit beforehand.


We learn about God's love for us and His gifts to us - especially Jesus. We pray together daily and share Bible stories. We celebrate the Church seasons and are surrounded by signs of our faith: the church, the cross, and holy pictures. We learn respect for all God’s creation.


The child will be exposed to stories, poems, and finger plays via books, puppets, and tape recordings. He/she will have opportunities for self-expression through a structured activity, in addition to normal communication with the teacher and fellow students.


A regular music program will provide further opportunity for self-expression. The child will learn simple "catchy" songs. Preschoolers participate in the school’s Christmas music program. Classical music will be played at intervals each day.

Children usually enjoy being creative. In our program, they will be given opportunities to "create" using numerous art media.

The art program is intended to instruct the child in the use of tools such as his scissors, crayons, pencils, paste, paper, and books. This encourages coordination of the small muscles and manual dexterity.


Occasional field trips are scheduled during the year. Permission forms will be sent home and need to be signed and returned. Parents will be asked to accompany the group in order for a child to participate.


A child who stays for full day preschool will have a 30 to 40 minute quiet time on a mat. This is a state licensing requirement. Please prepare your child for this. They may bring a small baby- sized blanket and a small soft toy for quiet time.  


Our daily schedule will be from 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. School doors open at 7:30 a.m. After the second week, we ask that you allow your child the privilege of entering the room independently.




For information on tuition and fees click Here.

Interested Parents, 

We would love to meet you in person and show you our fantastic preschool! Please contact the school office to schedule a tour or to request more information and a registration packet.  We also invite you to visit our link to "The Classrooms" and view the preschool Classroom Website.

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